Aspen is the new Student Information System launching April 22, 2019. .

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The Student Information Management (SIM) system is the official "system of record" for CPS. It is used for registration, enrollment, and student demographics; school scheduling; attendance; student health; Academic Planner, which tracks student progress towards graduation; and programs, such as Athletics and English Learners.

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Gradebook is the primary conduit for the submission of daily attendance and grades at the school level. It is the sole IMPACT system for progress report and report card generation. The CPS Parent and Student Portals are extensions of Gradebook as well.

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Student Services Management, SSM, is the system used to process, document and store student records for students with disabilities.

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CIM provides an integrated system for teachers and Instructional Leadership Teams to access, analyze, and organize a variety of assessment data to support differentiated classroom instruction. It also supports collaboration on educational resources such as lesson plans and digital curriculum.

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Verify is the system to report and manage all incidents at a school, including CPS Student Code of Conduct (SCC) Violations. Incidents capture any person type; student, staff, vendors, visitors or family members. Incidents which pertain to student behavior, alleged employee misconduct, injuries or medical events, property damage, theft, and/or harassment/threat are reported in Verify.

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