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Report Card Pickup Tracking in SIM for Q1

Verifying Report Card Pick Up Data in SIM for Q1

Including Student Preferred Name and Gender in SIM

SIM Enrollment and Leave Code Quick Guide

CPS School Enrollment Form: English | Polish | Spanish

CPS Home Language Survey Form

Request for Emergency Health Information: English | Polish | Spanish
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spacerOnline Data Acquisition

Completion of ODA assignments online identify Staff Business Function Assignments.

ODA User Guide, (Updated 08/2016)
spacerIMPACT Icon Installation for MACs

Click image at right to download an IMPACT icon to MAC computers running os 10.3 and above. This new version of the IMPACT icon will honor your browser settings and not try to launch Internet Explorer. It is compatible with Safari.
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spacerHistorical Student Information SIR
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New System of Record: Board Report Number 706.4: 04-1117-PO1

Internet Acceptable Use Policy
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Help Desk Contact Information

(773) 553-3925
Select option 2 for IMPACT.
Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Verify Help Desk Contact Information

(773) 583-8267
Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


CIM Web-based training

Welcome to the IMPACT CIM Tutorial!

Welcome to the Curriculum & Instructional Management (CIM) Tutorial—a component of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Instructional Management Program and Academic Communication Tool (IMPACT).

Web-Based Training Overview

Vendor created webinars are now available to users on the Outreach page after logging into IMPACT CIM! The webinars are an online learning tool containing detailed directions on key CIM functionality. Users receive step-by-step instructions on completing important CIM tasks such as 1) accessing benchmark and standardized test data; 2) creating, administering, and scoring assessments; 3) creating lesson plans; and 4) grouping students according to assessment results for targeted instruction.

Each webinar loads in an interactive window. Viewers can walk through webinars at their pace - pausing and rewinding as necessary. The webinars were developed so that busy school, network, and central office staff can complete a module at work or from home. Webinars can be reviewed frequently as refreshers on how to complete certain tasks. Please direct any questions about CIM to the ITS Service Desk at (773) 553-3925, option 2. Thanks!



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