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Student Projections Quick Guide 2015

Modifying Suspension Days to Account for Unplanned Snow Days

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CPS School Enrollment Form: English Polish | Spanish

ODA User Guide (Updated)

Student Logger - Product Overview

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Completion of ODA assignments online identify Staff Business Function Assignments.

ODA User Guide, (Updated 02/14)
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News & announcements

Student Projections Process Has Begun
The Student Projections process has begun. Schools are responsible for ensuring that their currently enrolled students have a projected (future) enrollment, as detailed in the Student Projections Quick Guide, located under Key Documents.  Also included in the guide are important deadline dates. 
Modifying Suspension Days in IMPACT Verify to account for recent Unplanned Non-Attendance Days
Due to the severe weather on January 7th, 8th and on February 2nd and 19th of 2015, suspension days entered in IMPACT Verify for those dates must be modified as they are now non-attendance days in IMPACT SIM.  Please follow the steps in this guide to modify the suspension days in IMPACT Verify so that attendance records in IMPACT SIM are accurate for students at your school.
Helpful IMPACT Documentation found on this Website
Did you know that this Website contains dozens of Job-Aids and other types of documentation designed to help you successfully navigate the IMPACT applications (SIM, Gradebook, CIM, Verify and SSM)?

To the left of each IMPACT application icon below, is a link that you can click to drill into this documentation.  For example, to the left of the SIM icon is a link called Student Information Management Documents and Publications.  Click on that link to see what's available; the small orange arrow signifies there is more content under that link.  Please feel free to explore and consider using this resource first if you have IMPACT questions.
IMPACT Verify: Short Webinar Videos Now Available
IMPACT Verify is happy to announce that you can now find a series of short webinars (approximately 5 minutes each) under the IMPACT Verify folder of the Training tab.  Each video can be viewed at your leisure and will walk you through core components of the application, such as entering an event, uploading supporting documents, expulsion analytics, submitting draft events, and behavior analytics.
Omicron Products Now Available in eMarketplace
The IMPACT Verify vendor, Omicron Technologies, Inc. (Omicron), now has an online store in the Chicago Public Schools eMarketplace!  

Software modules such as Student Logger, Cohort Grouping, Teacher Referral and Visitor Management can be purchased in the store at a discounted rate, as well as products such as ID supplies, doorswipe equipment and mobile devices.  Also, Omicron is offering a promotion through October 31, 2013 for smaller schools with less than 20 users that allows them to use the Student Logger software module on a per user, annual basis.  After October 31st, Student Logger will be priced at a per school basis.

For product related questions, Omicron can be reached from the Get Help tab within Verify, via email at, or phone at (773)583-8267 option 4.
NOTE: To use the CPS eMarketplace tool you will first need Oracle access and will have to go through the iProcurement webpage.
Retirement of the SIR system
The SIR system has been retired on October 1st, 2013 and the functionality it has traditionally provided is found in several new locations.  Please use this document to find the functionality that you are seeking.   For example, Historical Transcripts can now be found under SIM Reports.  Please see this document for more details regarding how to use the new Historical Transcript feature. 
IMPACT Verify: Issuing, Managing and Ordering (Ventra) CPS Fare Cards
Issuing, Managing and Ordering (Ventra) CPS Fare Cards will be handled in the Ventra module within IMPACT Verify.  In order for users to be able to access the Ventra module, Principals need to assign designated staff the ID Clerk role in ODA. Additional information and resources can be found at
IMPACT Verify: ID Printers and Supplies UPDATE

Schools will continue to follow their current process for printing and distributing their own school IDs*.  However, in the 2014-15 school year schools may have the option to move to centralized ID printing (i.e. you would no longer need ID printers and supplies in your school.)  Please keep this in mind as you make your purchases for the 2013-14 school year.  Contact the Verify help desk (773-583-8267 or to order equipment and supplies. 

*Except for schools participating in a limited pilot during the 2013-14 school year.  The pilot will test the viability of combining the student ID and the Ventra card as well as the viability of centralized ID printing.  For more information, please direct your questions to

Student Emergency Contact and Health Information
To help ensure that each school has current student health and contact information and to maintain the accuracy of student records, principals are reminded that student contact information must be updated at least twice each school year. Please use the Request for Emergency and Student Health Information Form to collect current student information and update the Information in SIM as necessary. Please note that Student Health Insurance Information has been added to the form. This information should be entered into SIM on the student's Demographics page; Overview tab.
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System availability

IMPACT will have limited availability on Thursdays between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Friday morning, due to regularly scheduled maintenance.

Useful Documentation (click below to see more)

Click the links below to view documents for each system.

(Student data, including registration, enrollment, attendance, and scheduling)

(Attendance, Grading, and reports)

(Health Services, Clinical Assessments and the Electronic IEP)

(Benchmark and standardized assessment data, lesson plans, and instructional resources)

(High Schools: IDs, Building Access, Textbooks, Discipline and Incident Reporting, Truancy Reporting, Student Finance, Mobile; Elementary Schools: Discipline and Incident Reporting, Truancy Reporting)

(Evening School module)


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